NALEDI’s game drives and guided bush walks traverse Big Five territory: bushveld roamed by herds of elephant and African buffalo, substantial prides of lions, our solitary and more elusive leopards, and rhino of both species (the grass-grazing white rhino and the rarer, leaf-browsing black rhino).

Our other iconic species include giraffe, zebra and kudu, plus hippos and crocodiles on the banks of the Olifants River. Each creature, of course, has its place within the living drama of an entire bushveld ecosystem – which also presents an extraordinary spectrum of smaller but no less fascinating animal and bird life.

Naledi provides expertly guided game drives twice daily, at sunrise and sunset, for no additional fee (game drives being included within your accommodation fee).
Exclusive Sightings...

The most satisfying way to view game is in its historic natural habitat – in our case, the vast range of bushveld that comprises the Greater Kruger National Park. Kruger is among the world’s oldest and largest game reserves, and today the Greater Kruger extends, with no fences to impede the migration of game, across several private reserves. One such is Balule, the exclusive 40,000-hectare reserve in which Naledi operates.

Access to Balule is strictly regulated, so wildlife sightings are uncrowded. When a guest at Naledi thrills at her first-ever sighting of an elephant, or at being within a whisper of a sprawling pride of lions, her sensations match those of Africa’s early travellers: adrenalin mingles with wonder and delight, both at the majesty of these creatures, and the personal nature of the experience.

Expert Guides...

Naledi’s guides and trackers are vastly experienced, and charismatic hosts in their own right. Whether following a leopard’s spoor through off-road terrain or pointing out a medicinal shrub, each guide strives to provide his guests with unforgettable memories, and a lifelong feeling for the ecology of the bush.

The Game Hide/Blind Experience – Utter Peacefulness…

To fully experience the peacefulness of the bush, and the calm of the great game animals (so contrary to the aggressive images created by wildlife television) we recommend a session in one of Naledi’s hides/blinds. These will position you, in total shade and safety, above a scenic waterhole. Armed with refreshments, your camera, binoculars or just a good book, you can relax completely into the environment – and who knows what sightings may walk your way…

The Bush Walk – Immersive Adventure…

For the more adventurous, Naledi will by arrangement provide private bush walks with an armed guide. A bush walk brings alive your primal senses, and immerses you completely in the ecology of the bushveld. At your feet may be a column of termite-raiding ants, and in the glade beyond a browsing bull elephant… Such is the nature of bush walks; each footstep that you take leads to new possibilities for wonderment and understanding.

Video Previews…

For some neat previews of the bush, visit Naledi on YouTube and see a sample of the countless videos shot by our staff and guests. If you love to shoot video – whether with your cellphone or your specialised camera – you’ll love the cinema-moment opportunities afforded by Naledi.

Live camera feeds…

For curious newcomers to our website, and for guests who have become ongoing friends, Naledi provides live feeds from our permanent wildlife video cameras. With state-of-the-art infrared technology capturing the animals’ nocturnal activities, the cameras permit real-time game viewing night or day, wherever you are in the world. Besides visuals of whatever animals are at the water right now, the feeds supply live audio. When you hear the calls of our birds, baboons, jackals, hippos, leopards and other vocal species, do remember that the bush is a multi-sensory experience – best felt by actually being here!

Click on the arrows to the right of the feed screen to view at full screen

Our NALEDI CAT-EYE camera is fixed beside a secluded waterhole at the same eye-level as a leopard’s, such that giraffe and elephant can be seen at their true scale – towering over you!

Click on the arrows to the right of the feed screen to view at full screen

Our NALEDI ROSIE’S WATERHOLE camera pans across all the action at this key refreshment-point for our wildlife. Entirely solar-powered through day and night, it offers captivating glimpses into a world where wildlife reigns supreme.

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Our NALEDI OLIFANT’S RIVER camera is among the very few cameras that continuously capture the moods and the majesty of a wild, perennial African river. Needless to say, this camera also “drinks in” all the marvellous beasts that roam along our River’s banks and sandbars.